Vintage Pillow

I have had this piece of embroidered fabric for a long time. My maternal Grandma embroidered it and it originally was made into a fabric bag with a wooden handle. I believe she kept her "fancy work" in it. Over time the handle broke and I took the bag apart with the idea that I would make myself a bag. I had bought a nice cotton for the lining but everytime I went to make it I felt like I wasn't making the best thing for the fabric. I even had it marked where to cut for a clutch purse but when I went to cut it the other day I couldn't.

Then yesterday it just popped into my head to make a pillow. Once that idea came to me I had it made in about an hour. I used the fabric purchased for the lining for the welting and back. It looks great in my guest room. I wish all of the fabric I have around here would tell me what it wants to be!!! Or maybe I just have to listen a little closer.

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