Renate Hiller - "On Handwork"

As an artist I have bumped up against the some negative thoughts about why I make things. Does it even matter if I am a maker? What good does it do the world if I create these little dolls, embroideries, food or even this blog? Who even cares?

As you might expect, thoughts like these paralyze me and nothing gets created. I have cut myself off from the inspiration that drives creation.

If you too have had this experience I suggest you watch this video. Renate Hiller, Co-Founder of the Fiber Craft Studio, talks about the importance and meaning of creating, not just for yourself but the greater world. It may help you get your intentions back in alignment and the understanding to know that using your hands for creation is for the greater good.


Serena Lewis said...

Great video....Renate Hiller is a very wise woman. I have often wondered why I bother painting, especially in today's financial climate around the world, when people are worried about making ends meet and keeping a roof over their heads. Then, I think about the fact that art is not only beautiful but the very process can be so relaxing and healing as it takes me 'into the zone' and I feel more connected and I let go of any worries I may have. I also knit and crochet which I love to do also and I have taught these to my oldest and youngest sons and, recently, my daughter has expressed an interest in learning these old crafts. I feel blessed to be able to pass this knowledge on.

Vintage Milly said...

What a lovely perspective to have. I agree that today's modern world suffocates creativity in more ways than we perhaps realise and in many countries skills have been forgotten and lost.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank you for introducing me to such a loving spirit with an obvious understanding for the human need to create with our hands. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I enjoyed the video! Very true! I have an art instructor that has said, imagine what the world would be like without art. Art is everywhere but we don't realize it.

You have a wonderful site!

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

I enjoyed that video very much. and it is all so true. Thanks for visiting my blog today and taking the time to say hello. It's nice to meet you.

Dianne said...

I found your blog from Altered Book Lover's blog...what a treasure you have given us in this video! It puts an explanation to what we intuitively desire to do. I believe my grandmother used to question my mother about "why do you waste your time making those drawings?" yet grandma loved to make practical things for her family & was an excellent seamstress. even gifted people sometimes do not understand each other. I try to remember, when the laundry & dishes are crying out to be done, that it is also important for my sanity to Play & Create! thank you for this video, and keep creating!