I teach a variety of classes and would be happy to talk with you about teaching for your group or organization.  The classes listed are ones I have taught but I'd be happy to accommodate the needs of your group.*

Beginning Embroidery (3 hours)
Pick up a needle and learn some stitches!  Stretching fabric on a hoop, choosing needles and basic embroidery stitches (stem stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch and french knots) you will create a small embroidery that can be used as a pillow top, framed picture or maybe an apron pocket!

Beginning Embroidery 2 (3 hours)
Add some more stitches to your repertoire in this class. Starting with a review of the basics you will move onto learning blanket stitch, back stitch, lazy daisy, french knots and satin stitch. Stitching text is also covered. 

Design Your Own Embroidery (1-3 days)
Come with your own inspiration or be inspired by exercises and examples presented to create your own design to embroider. Elements of design, transfer methods, choosing fabrics and threads, appropriate stitches and mixed media approaches will all be discussed to help you achieve a successful embroidery.
Beginning Embroidery 2

Stumpwork (1-3 days)
Put some depth in your embroidery! Stumpwork is a term used to describe many stitch techniques that create dimension. Possibilities to explore are wrapped and attached wire, creating raised elements and making pieces that are detached from the ground fabric. Intermediate skills required.

Embroidered Photographs (3-6 hours)
Using your own photographs learn how to print on fabric with an inkjet printer. Then use embroidery to add color, texture, embellish or add context to the image. You might also add beads, buttons, found objects or other ephemera to create a unique piece of art.

Quilting Outside the Lines (3 hours)
Have fun creating a small quilt but forget perfect piecing and turned applique! Using just a little fabric, batting, embroidery floss and maybe a few beads for fun, create an appliqued, highly textured little quilt. It will make a great gift or sew several together for a wall hanging or table topper.

Matryoshka Doll (1 day)
Using a simple pattern and easy to sew felt, make a cute matryoshka doll. She is embellished with embroidery and put together mostly with hand sewing. She can be personalized with color and stitch choice. Basic hand sewing and embroidery skills required.

Wet Felting (3 hours)
Learn the magic of felting. Using traditional wet felting techniques (no knitting or crocheting involved) you'll explore what can be do with a little soap, water and wool. Felting creates a non-woven, strong fabric that can be made into scarves, bags, clothes and rugs. Plus, it's fun!

In addition to the listed classes I have also taught a wide variety of other embroidery and textile classes. I am happy to try to accommodate the needs of the group and learners. *To contact me about teaching for your group or organization please use the contact section on the sidebar or e-mail me at susanleschke at gmail dot com.

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