Relaxing in the Garden

This weekend we went to visit our families and had a whirlwind time. There was something going on all the time, which was quite fun but when I got home last night I was zonked. So this morning I decided it would be very tranquil to go out and take some photos of my garden.

Pumpkin Blossoms

Gardens are such a process, you can't plant them and have them finished in an hour like you can say, a video game, a recipe, or even an art project. They make you slow down and appreciate the tiny bud that appears, the new tendril, the fruit that will be your dinner someday. And they are so beautiful along the way. Here are a few shots of my garden this morning.

The End


Recipe for Delicious said...

Our veggies are a couple of weeks behind yours. I almost can't stand the anticipation. I don't think I've benn more excited than I am about watching my peas grow!

John L said...

What a lovely day in your Garden. Thanks for the tour.

Reeni said...

Your garden's looking good! And you're so lucky to have green peppers. This is the third year in a row we tried to grow them and they just won't get vegetables on them...the plants themselves are fine.