Grandma's Color Kit

Several months ago I was rummaging around in my stuff and found this little embroidery thread holder that my grandma had made. The idea of it was to put skeins of embroidery floss under the black thread that runs down the middle of the fabric and it would hold it in place. I didn't have a blog at that time and didn't take a photo of it before I decided to do anything to it but, the black thread was torn and frayed and there were acetate ribbons on each end that were also frayed.

I took out the black thread and re-sewed it with new and completely removed the acetate ribbons. Then I created a new inside which has a place to hold scissors with a ribbon to attach them. (I didn't have any grosgrain ribbon at the time but I think I will replace the ribbon I used because it is really wrinkly and looks bad) I also added pockets for holding cards of embroidery floss and some felt pieces to put needles and pins.

The red fabric that I used for edging and the scissors holder was perfect in shade and style...when I bought it I surprised myself at how attracted I was to it because it is not the sort of thing I usually buy. Maybe grandma was giving me an angelic nudge!


Fun Doll

This baby is one of my favorite creations. Strangely I have not named her, except to call her bird girl. Her face is shaped, which is different than my other pieces and I embroidered right onto the stuffed fabric.

Her hat is beaded and quilted with an edging of telephone wire.

Her skirt/birdcage was made from basketry reed which I wrapped in strips of quilt batting and then strips of fabric. The little bird nest holds three shiny bead eggs that the bird is watching carefully.

I had a lot of fun creating her although there was a lot of problem solving...which, of course, is a huge part of creation.