Box Doll

It has been way too long since I have posted, but in the meantime I have started a new blog called Threads of Wonder which is my appreciation blog. I try, and I emphasize try, to post daily something that I am gratful for. Check it out and share one of your daily moments of gratitude.

Back to textiles.

This is a doll I made awhile ago. I was exploring what I could do with small wooden boxes that seemed to be collecting in my studio. The box became her torso which holds a small collage/collection of items and she sits rather than hangs on a wall or stands. I really like her boots, which are made of leather and has bead eyelets to guide the laces. One thing that remained is an embroidered face...I'm pretty committed to embroidering faces, I think of them as my trademark.

Actually, I will be teaching a class in October at Quilting Adventures in Richmond, VA on embroidering faces. If you are interested in more information leave me a note and I'll contact you.