Stockholm Art Fair

Last weekend I went to the Stockholm Art Fair in Stockholm, Wisconsin. It is a sweet little town (population 97) on the banks of Lake Pepin, which is really a wide spot in the Mississippi River. The town has a scandinavian feel, a nod to its early settlers, who were Swedish immigrants. The art fair has been a yearly attraction since the 1970's. There were a lot of great artists and musicians. We especially enjoyed the music. It made us feel like we were back in Nelson County Virginia.


Free Images

I posted this on my other blog Threads of Wonder but it really is great to get free stuff, so thought the readers of this blog would appreciate it too. Dover Publishing makes available all sorts of images that have less copyright restrictions. I think this is because of the age of the images. You can sign up for their weekly e-mail of downloadable images which are great for making collages. I have been doing this for a few years and have a nice little collection of them. Go here to sign up for the free stuff!


A Favorite Blog, Kirin Notebook

One of my favorite blogs is Kirin Notebook. Lara Cameron is a Melbourne Australia based textile designer. I really like her designs because they are clean and simple. She often asks readers their opinions about designs she is working on and shares the latest fabrics and products she has. Usually the posts are about her fabrics but often you will get info on new restaurants or celebrations.


be(a) Again

Here are some better photos of be(a) coming and all of her belongings. Thanks to everyone who worked on her!
be(a) with Lawrence perched on her shoulder...
be(a) and her trunk of treasures...
The inside of her treasure trunk...
A detail of her skirt...


be(a)coming is home

I posted about sending Dave home so you know about the round robin. Right after Dave left, the doll that I began a year ago returned to me. Her name is be(a)coming and her little bird friend is Lawrence. They began looking like this.

This is not quite how she returned but very similar to this. What a transformation!