School Days!

This morning I drove by the elementary school that is just a few blocks from my house. I noticed little bicycles in the rack and the sign in front of the building noted that today is the first day of school. It made me think back to all of the excitement as well as trepidation that day usually brought. Deciding what to wear on that first day was one of the biggest decisions of my life back then. I found an old picture of myself standing in our front yard waiting to head out for third or maybe fourth grade. I'm wearing a dress that my grandma had made me. I think she spent quite a bit of time making me dresses for that year. Note, I said dresses, because it would be three more years before we were allowed to wear pants.

I have always looked forward to the new school year, even as an adult. Maybe because of the many years I spent as a student and then as a teacher, I have always found fall, rather than January, the time of new beginning. So here's to a grand new school year!


Yvonne said...

What a cute photo! Yes, we had to wear dresses, in fact all the way up though my high school years until I graduated in 1971. I too had homemade dresses or skirts and blouses that my mother made. It all brings back memories.

Kären said...

Susan, I also always started school with dresses or skirts and blouses Grandma made for me. It was the highlight when we went to Wisconsin on vacation -- going to the store in Ellsworth and picking out the fabric and then watching her sew. It always amazed me how she often did not need a pattern. I experienced the same joy with my own granddaughters as I made outfits for them.

Ruth said...

It's our first day back on Tuesday next week. We have 12 brand new children in our class (reception) It's so daunting for them.

Love your picture. My hair used to look like that too! My big sister used to make some of my dresses for school. Still have fond memories of them.