Cool Plant Stand and Inchies

Last weekend we discovered a really cool consignment shop called Milo Milo (sadly they don't have a website) in Appleton, WI and found this really great plant stand. I am quite sure it is a one of a kind made from a variety of wrought iron pieces that have been welded together. The minute I saw it (and saw the reasonable price) I knew it had a place in my garden.

It is also Every Inchie Monday and I've posted two this week. I missed last week and the theme was imagine and all I could think of was John Lennon singing the song of the same name. So, here is a version of his self portrait in felt and thread. This weeks theme is change. My line changes color as well as goes from straight to curved. A bit lame but it's all I had this week!


Yvonne said...

Cool inchies and I love the plant stand. The John Lennon inchie looks just like him.

Stampmaiden said...

First of all, that is one cool plant stand and I would have brought it home too! I love the beaded touch.
I can see John Lennon in your imagine inchie. And I definitely see the change in your Change inchie. Not lame but cool!

Joanne Huffman said...

Both inchies are very cool. Well done!

Ruth said...

Hello there, I have been missing your inchies! So glad there back.
Love the simplicity of them.. :)