Daily Tiny Art

Here are the tiny drawings I did in the past week. I decided that having three dimensions on each piece just was too much to fit on a two inch square. So, I decided to eliminate the rubber stamp image, except you will find it on the first image...the hand is a rubber stamp. You will still find a border and a leaf image on each piece.

Day Four
Day Five
The cake was for my mom's birthday.

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine


Anonymous said...

These are exquisite tiny works of art, Susan! (I do kindof miss Grandpa's stamps, tho')

Gail V said...

That anonymous post is from me, Susan. Don't know why it went anonymous on me.

Gail V

Threads of Inspiration said...

It's o.k, I figured it was from you LOL. I will use them when it seems right, but they were taking up so much space that I couldn't do what I wanted on the rest of the space. They are cool though.

Yvonne said...

Love all of these Susan.