Daily Art, Day One

Many of you know that I am living in cramped quarters and most of my art supplies are in storage and inaccessable right now. Not making art for awhile puts me in a tizzy...I feel ungrounded and out of sorts. I was talking to my friend Randy the other night and she reminded me that making art doesn't need to be a big production and it can easily be done every day. I just need to re-define what art and art making is.

Soooo, I began yesterday to make a very small piece of art every day. I set some parameters for the pieces I would make. Each one would be on a piece of two inch square paper, have a border and incorporate a leaf motif and a stamped letter. (My brother just gave me an amazing set of vintage upper and lower case alphabet stamps that had been our grandfather's. I've been itching to use them).

Creating a piece everyday not only fulfills my need to make something but also serves as a daily record.


Gail V said...

Great idea, Susan. How totally cool to have your grandfather's alphabet to make art with!

Threads of Inspiration said...

Thanks Gail. I'm finding it is a really good exercise for me. I'm just using markers, pens and cut up paper. Really simple stuff, but it feels good to get my hands in something.

Yvonne said...

Isn't that wonderful! There is something called "inchies" too. I'm not sure what they are, I think they are one inch square pieces of some ind of art. You might look into it.
But good for you and I hope you are doing well.