Fun Doll

This baby is one of my favorite creations. Strangely I have not named her, except to call her bird girl. Her face is shaped, which is different than my other pieces and I embroidered right onto the stuffed fabric.

Her hat is beaded and quilted with an edging of telephone wire.

Her skirt/birdcage was made from basketry reed which I wrapped in strips of quilt batting and then strips of fabric. The little bird nest holds three shiny bead eggs that the bird is watching carefully.

I had a lot of fun creating her although there was a lot of problem solving...which, of course, is a huge part of creation.


Dandelion Factory said...

She is a real beauty! Thanks for the show and tell!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, am I jealous! That studio is AWESOME!! Gorgeous light and lots of room. I work in a tiny space where there is just enough room for me and all my stuff. If I want to cut anything, I have to go to my kitchen table...lol. Your dolls are excellent! So colorful and vibrant.
Wonderful blog...keep it up!
Faery Blessings,
Bonnie Lee Fontaine

ReneeBuchananArt said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE this doll! You are so very creative and imaginative! I hope you post your blog on your Etsy site because I think others will enjoy this blog as much as I do :)

Yvette said...

She is wonderful!
I had such fun reading your blog!

Clothmatters said...

Susan- Your blog is wonderful. I love your doll....well done....and your studio is great. I will add your blog to my blog so I can visit often.

Clothmatters said...

Hi Susan- The answer to your question on my blog is felt. The pincushion bands are made of felt. BTW...what is your last name and email address? I couldn't find it on your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog.

pamelahuntington said...

HI Susan,
Wow, this is an amazing piece..
she is lovely!