To New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm glad to welcome the new year because the old one ended in a technology tangle!  About a month ago our printer died (I tend to have perpetual issues with hp printers) and then a week before Christmas I dropped my laptop and kaboom!!!!  I lost everything.  I was limping along with an old laptop that about 8 years ago was my husbands, then it was mine, then his, and then back to me.  Sort of a hot potato laptop.  It could do the basics but I was leery of it being able to go for the long haul.  Enter a suggestion from an old friend.  Why not get an Ipad?  I've never worked with Apple products except for my Ipod, which I love.  I started asking other Ipad users, reading and researching and decided that it would probably work pretty well.  So, on Tuesday I made the leap (read that as investment) and purchased one, along with various accessories.  So, on this first day of the year I am writing the first blog post in awhile on my new Ipad. I have to say, I really am enjoying it.  So here's to a new year, new learning and new technology!  Happy 2014!


thecatalanway said...

Hello there the blog is looking lovely. Love the new header.
I too have an ipad but still tend to use my Macbook for the blog - haven't got my head around various things about photos yet. But I love the ipad - it is my new friend.
Happy New Year!

Kate X

Threads of Inspiration said...

Kate, so good to hear from you! Are you still in Catalunya?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm still working with a tower (plus all the wires!) model but it's starting to have glitches. Don't know what I'll do if it calves because I really do hate the way laptops are set up. I want a typist's keyboard and having the 'mouse' at the bottom throws me completely. Hopefully mine will hang in for at least another year! And speaking of years - have a good one!