Wisconsin Quilt Expo

One of the fun things I did this summer was go to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison. It was sponsored by Nancy Zieman, of Sewing With Nancy fame, and so my husband took to calling it the Nancy-Palooza which I thought was quite funny.

I didn't discover this event until a few weeks before it took place so I didn't go to any workshops. Taking in the vendor area was overwhelming enough and I only planned on spending one day. There were booths with fabric and more fabric, sewing machines and sewing machine cabinets, patterns and threads and one of my favorite really expensive things, the embroidery machines. I'm not really interested in owning one but the technology is pretty amazingCheck Spelling.

One of my favorite shops was Trims on Wheels which was a funny little booth filled with all sorts of trims and buttons. If I had an idea for some great trims I could have gone wild in that space. I got some marvelous badges that were made in India and kept my stash to just a few.

Marcia Derse has a line of fabrics that are very modern and fun. I spent a great deal of time there trying to choose among so many good choices.



Hello from Michigan. Isn't expo sooooooooooooooo very much fun. Of course it is always so great to have the world there for you to shop. I am sure it was very difficult to choose. I know how that feels. LOL Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love those embellishments...I can hardly wait to see how you are going to incorporate them into your works. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart