Get Creative

I was perusing my new favorite site, Pinterest, and found this great poster. It came from the blog Divas and Dreams which focuses on photography and lifestyle. While some of these suggestions focus on photography they could be transformed into the technique/media of choice. I think there are so many great ideas in this poster it should be pinned in several places in my house...my studio, of course, above my computer, the refrigerator, in the bathroom! Enjoy and get inspired!


Yvonne said...

I've heard of that site and will have to check it out. Those are good for inspiration anywhere, I agree.

ringadal said...

I have lost my email list due to the death of my old computer, but I saw these drawings and they reminded me of your dolls. Check them out. Hope you and John are well.


Kris said...

That poster really does have a lot of inspiration!