Prayer Stitches

Last Sunday I had a great plan for Mother's Day, my parents were going to visit and I was going to make a great meal complete with English Trifle brimming with fresh fruit. Instead I recieved a call that my mom was sick and being admitted to the hospital. My mom has Lewy Body Dimentia which is Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease all rolled into one and then some. I went home and spent the last few days with my parents first going to the hospital and then helping my dad get her situated after she returned home. This is a really difficult disease for everyone, especially the main caregiver, in this case my dad.

As I was dashing out the door I knew I needed something to stitch, keeping my hands busy is always a calming thing, my version of prayer beads I guess. I grabbed a piece of blue felt and tossed it into a ziploc bag that already held some embroidery floss. As I was stitching I discovered a crocheted medallion and that became part of this piece. I have no idea what this will become, and maybe it will just be what it is a small bright spot amidst several stress filled days.

My mom is doing much better and is home once again and for that we are all happy.

On a fun note I am planning on participating in Sew Mama Sew's giveaway day on Monday May 23, so come back and see what is up!


jean sampson said...

Hi Susan----it is lovely! And I am glad your mom is better. What a thing on Mother's Day! Looks like you found the perfect "prayer beads" substitute! Miss you ---Love, Jean

k43ford@aol.com said...

Susan, What is really interesting is that the stitches you have on the felt remind me of the stitching Grandma used on many of her quilts. Do you remember any of her quilts? They were real crazy quilts and her stitchery was different on every piece of fabric.

Ruth said...

So pleased your Mum is feeling better. The stitching is lovely and it made me smile! The motif a ray of sunshine.

Joanne Huffman said...

Your prayer stitches are lovely. I understand the soothing nature of handwork. Glad to hear that your mom is back home. Good luck to all of you.

Unknown said...

Well these truly are threads of inspiration! I hope your mother is doing better. It always inspires me to see someone using the therapy and calmness of stitching during a stressful time. I can't tell from the photo, but if this is like a patch you've stitched, maybe it can become part of a decorative wall hanging! It's gorgeous work.