Hiking and Art

I recently took advantage of a local trail, which is great for hiking, biking and in the winter, cross-country skiing. It runs along the Red Cedar River and is beautiful. One of the first things I saw as we passed under a bridge were these swallow nests which had been built on the side of the bridge. This photo captured one of the birds ready to land in his house...I love the other birds in the nests peeking out.

I also came upon these cow parsnips that were just opening up. I have seen them in full bloom before but not in this state. The plants almost had a pre-historic look to them.

When I go out in nature I am always looking at the repetition and structure of what I see because it often informs the way I create a doll, an image or a pattern.


Anonymous said...

GREAT pic of the swallows! I love them.

Gail V

Yvonne said...

I've never seen a cow parsnip, beautiful! Fibonacci at work!

Threads of Inspiration said...

Cow parsnips when bloomed out look like Queen Anne's Lace on steroids, except they are really poisonous.