Crochet, Geometry and the Universe

On Tuesday I was listening to Here on Earth a show on my local Public Radio station. The guest was Margaret Wertheim a mathematical scholar from Australia who has studied hyperbolic geometry and, along with others, has been crocheting examples of hyperbolic space. I must say here, that I am pretty much a math-phobic person, but this was so interesting I went and checked out the websitewith her work, the Institute For Figuring and its galleries. Margaret and her sister Christine are involved in crocheting the coral reef. They have gotten the help of many, many crocheters around the world. The site contains a lot of images of the crocheting and if you are a mathematician at heart it also has a lot of information about the geometry and theory of hyperbolic space (which I actually read and understood).

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Yvonne said...

Always was into math, especially when I was younger. I now use Fibonacci numbers in my art and know that nature shows Fibonacci numbers all the time. Very interesting.