Photoshop Possibilities

I have been working with Photoshop Elements for some time now, but mainly to edit and enhance photos for blogging. Last night I decided to take my skills a little farther and started reading the help info (imagine that!!) about layers. I made copies of all the images I worked with so I felt free to muck around. The image I made, while not fabulous, taught me a lot. This image's first layer is solid green, another with leaves, another with a box of onions from the farmers market a year ago, some peaches are floating in there and I topped it all off with a puppy!

I can see a lot of paths I could take this capability. Printing on fabric, embellishing and embroidering the images could lead to some interesting things...dolls could be construced with images around the skirts or torsos...or embroideries...or quilts...or small pocketbooks...

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Emily Eckel said...

nice work, photoshop is not easy to learn. Especially those pesky layers.