The Joy of Creating

This morning I was trying to figure out something to blog about and I saw these cute little bunnies. As I pondered, I realized I didn't want to write about the bunnies themselves, since I made them about 15 years ago from a pattern, but rather about the act of making.

I think it is delightful to look around my home and see my little creations. I often take them for granted because I have been making things for years, but if they were missing, I would be missing. These creations are invaluable because if I found something exactly the same in a shop (A) I would never be able to afford it. You know how much time goes into these objects, or (B) I could afford them, but they would have been made in third world countries under sweat shop conditions. That wouldn't be very good karma! This doesn't even take into account the pleasure I get from the act of making them. Embroidering puts me in a meditative state and trying to figure out how to make a pattern takes me away from the more difficult aspects of my life.
So, take joy in your creations whether it is a quilt, a new garden or your lunch. Put that lunch on a pretty plate just for the fun of creating a beautifully composed picture. Hey, photograph it before you eat it!!!


SweetErGallery said...

I love these little bunnies! They make me feel soooo good. "The Art of Creating"...that's a good title for a book or blog. I also would make things I saw in stores but couldn't afford to decorate my home. There's nothing that compares with that personal touch of something handcrafted and heart-given and heart-filled.

Karma Veranda said...

Thanks for the inspiration to stop and take a moment to appreciate all the things I've made that are tucked in all over the house.