Holiday Listings

After a fairly long time away from posting I am back and am planning on a more regular post...at least once a week. I have been thinking up some topics, including easy ways to embellish fabric, at least my favorite easy ways. That means no trips to the craft store for big bottles of liquids you may use only once. That is always what stops me from trying the more complicated embellishments.>

I love Christmas and I have been busy making holiday ornaments and gifts. I just posted them on my etsy site, so go here to check them out. You'll find some tiny santas, penguins, hearts and pincushions. The pincushion are embellished with vintage buttons from my grandma's button box. Anything from either of my grandmother's stash comes with good sewing karma, so put a pincushion next to your sewing chair and see if it works for you!


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