Birds and Berries

I concieved of this little sculpture last winter after my fiber arts group (still nameless) met for the first time. I was so juiced by all of the ideas flowing in and among the women that met that on the way home my head was just bursting with ideas.

I had made many little birds before but usually as a companion for a doll. This trio got to be in the spotlight with no human figures to distract from their presence!

I love the bare tree with the berries on it. It reminds me a bit of a persimmon tree (except the berries aren't orange) after the leaves fall off and the persimmons are left hanging.


Designs by Kat Lees said...

How cute and different is that, love the birds.......great work, Kat Lees

Clothmatters said...

Birds and Berries is spectacular! I love it. Very clever work.


Terry said...

I've visited your blog before and found it very inspirational. You do beautiful work and your photos are spectacular!

Terry H.