Cool Abberation Round Robin

For the last seven weeks I have been working on a new doll for a round robin that was started through a Wild Art Dolls, a yahoo group. Each person starts a doll and then sends it on to the next person in the group who then adds something to it and mails it on again. This continues until everyone in the group has added onto everyone elses doll. They return to their original owner in about a year.

Gail, the organizer of the round robin was intending to write something about a colaberation but instead wrote cool abberation, which stuck and seemed appropriate. There are two groups of 8 people each with many in the U.S. but also members in Japan, Australia, UK and Sweden. It is a year long international journey for these little beings.

My doll is called Beatrice Angelique Coming, but she had a fortuitious meeting with the poet e.e. cummings and they played around with her name and morphed it into be(a)coming. She also has a little bird friend Lawrence who is quite a mischeif maker.

I just sent be(a)coming and Lawrence off to Gail in North Carolina this morning and soon will be working on Gloria's creation named Collette. I'll post pics as things come and go.

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Emily Eckel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to meet someone else who does full coverage embroidery faces. I really like your style. It's so different from mine. Would you care to swap links on our blogs.? Emily Eckel