Telephone Closeness

I belong to a fiber arts group (we are trying to come up with a name, but for now we're going with versions of fiber arts group) and we decided to do some challenges to get our brains in gear. We spent a good part of a meeting trying to figure out how to choose an idea. Then Kate blew in late with tons of energy and just whipped us all into making a decision. We wrote words on slips of paper and put them in a hat. We drew out two and had our theme....telephone closeness.

I was in a pragmatic mood so decided to make a cell phone case.
I had Susan Gorman http://www.dandelionfactory.blogspot.com/ take a photo of me holding an old fashioned telephone. I then photoshopped it. I closely cropped the image and then played with the color. I ended up with a blue face with peach highlights. I then printed it out on fabric, which is one of my favorite things to do...it feels like a miracle to have an image come out on fabric.

I pulled out all of my fabric and played around with it until I found somepieces I was happy with. I constructed it and then stitched the blazes out of it. I took a quilting class from Susan Shie http://www.turtlemoon.com/ a few years ago so used techniques she taught. I ended up with a pretty cool piece that will keep my telephone close!

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