Wearable Stitches

So many things have been happening lately that I feel like I've been in a whirlwind of stitching to finish up art work, create samples and design handouts for classes and attempt to cook dinner once in awhile. I've been better at the first two, that's for sure!

If you've been following along you know I was involved in Artists in the Kitchen, a collaboration between women artists and women chefs/restauranteurs/influencers. You can read my blog post about it here. The Minneapolis Star Tribune had a great article about the exhibit that you can read here.

Since embroidery is all over the runway and in the stores it seemed like a perfect time for developing a class on embroidered clothing, so Wearable Stitches was born. It was fun to test out different methods of transferring images onto clothes, figuring out the best way to design around buttons, seams and body curves and stitches that are most appropriate. This experimentation resulted in some very fun samples and a class that everyone seemed to enjoy.

My personal favorites are the peek-a-boo animal that looks out the front of a child's shirt and some shoes with simple stitches. My husband likes to draw cute little animals so I set him the task of designing this for me. It turned out so well I'd like him to do a series that I can put in my etsy shop.  Fingers crossed!

The shoes sometimes had to be stitched using a thimble and pliers to pull the needle through tough spots but I think it was well worth a few needle sticks to make them. My favorite part is the little sprig of flowers on the side. These shoes are ready for some summer fun!

If you are interested in any of my classes for your organization or group send me a message using the contact into on the side bar!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

oooh - I love the peek-a-boo animal too - what a fun thing to create on a shirt, whether it be for a child or an adult. I can see something like this peeking out of a pocket or over a shoulder too.

Astrids dragon said...

Awe, I love the peek-a-boo animal and the shoes look good too!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...