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Ever since I added to my stash with things from the Textile Center's Garage Sale I've been busy making. I'm working on a scarf using this Ravelry pattern, French CanCan by Mademoiselle C

I also finished a skirt using the black and pale pink pique which fits perfectly. I usually have trouble fitting commercial patterns so I used this YouTube video by Felicia Zee and made a pattern from my measurements. I have to say it fits like a dream! I have sewn quite a bit in my life so I didn't have any problem making it. If you haven't sewn a lot you may want to find some instructions for cutting lining and facings and putting in a zipper. All in all I was quite pleased with how it turned out.
A funny thing to add is while I was writing this post I couldn't think of the word pique so I googled fabric types and found  Sirs Fabric, a site with images and descriptions of different fabrics.

I've also finished my newest spiral pattern called Grateful Heart. You can find it in my etsy shop here. I'll have more on that in my next post and some tips on stitching text to achieve the look you are going for.  Until then, enjoy your day - the weather here is (finally) stunning so I'm heading out to soak up some sun.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love the colour of the yarn you're using for the scarf - and it's a really nice pattern too. Sewing clothing is something I have never been comfortable with and the thought of not using a commercial pattern is way beyond me I know. And - as always - I love your spiral designs!