Yarn for Aranami Shawl
For the third year in a row my sister-in-law and I have gone to the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop and the Textile Center's Garage Sale.  It is our fiber filled rite of spring.  The Yarn Shop Hop features 17 yarn shops in and around Minneapolis and St Paul. Not only is it a great way for friends to get together and explore the yarn shops, it is also a fundraiser for local food banks.  This year $37,500 dollars were raised - yahoo!  
Future Socks and Scarf
Each shop provides a free pattern (of which many can be found in their Ravelry stores) and special yarns to go with the pattern.  This year I found some beautiful yarn for a shawl called Aranami (find the pattern here), some socks and the scarf below.  The scarf was super-simple, easy-peasy and the pattern is free.  I used Schoppel Ambiente a self striping yarn - a bit heavier than sock yarn but any yarn will do.  The trick is to use the size needle the yarn calls for and not what the pattern suggests.  Here is a link to the pattern.  If you try out the scarf I'd love to see a photo! Next time - the highlights of the Textile Center's Garage Sale!
Not a Celebrity Scarf


Suburban Girl said...

Pretty color combinations.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

oh wow - that sounds like the bestest fun!! I can't imagine seeing all those yarn shops.

Mereknits said...

It sounds like a wonderful day and you have really great yarn from the celebration.

Threadpainter said...

I'm not a knitter, but those yarns are tempting ... what great fund raiser for the food bank !