Design in Vegas

Last month we took a warm weather vacation to Las Vegas.  If you know me you would think Las Vegas is the last place you would find me but we met some friends and it was extremely entertaining ... a true escape.  I was the only one that did any gambling and that was for about 10 minutes because I'd nearly doubled the $20 my dad gave me.  I was leaving there a winner!!

We took a day trip to the Grand Canyon which scared the crap out of me, although it was beautiful.  One of the highlights of the trip for me (besides the amazing sangria we had at the Wynn) was the Neon Museum.  It is an open space filled with the cast off signage from hotels that either upgraded or went out of business.  It was an artist's dream filled with beautiful rust and flaked paint.  There were so many interesting things to photograph that I didn't really hear much of the tour guide's information.
If you ever find yourself in Vegas and want to see something other than casinos check this out.

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ringadal said...

glad to hear things are going well. Never been to Vegas, I am like you, not someplace I aspire to go. Signs are interesting, hmmmm, especially the last picture.

Love your new header.