Dyeing and Quilting Classes

This past weekend I got to teach some great women how to do some dyeing and quilting.  On Saturday Claire, Pam and Barb joined me and learned the basics of low water immersion dyeing.  We dyed cotton fabric in solid colors, mottled colors, dip dyeing, wet and dry applications and most fun, I think, over-dyeing.  I had them each bring a piece of printed fabric they didn't like and we dyed it a new color.  It is kind of amazing to see the results.

On Sunday five women came for Quilting Outside the Lines.  They had to throw out the notion of perfect...no straight pieces of fabric or perfect points, no turned under applique.  There was a lot of cut, place and stitch.  I challenged them to never use the same color of embroidery floss twice and I think there was great success with that!
It was a fun filled weekend but I will say, today I am wiped out...but I am getting a blog post up!

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Kären said...

It reminds me of how Grandma made "crazy quilts". Every piece was embroidered in a different color thread and there were no straight edges on her quilts. I am just sorry that the one she made for me, made of velvet pieces, fell apart years ago. My Dad always loved the one she made for him out of corduroy pieces that was hand-tied.