Shelf Rehab

Completed shelves filled and ready!
We have recently purchased a home and are slowly getting settled.  With a new home comes all sorts of projects to make it live and look the way we want it to.  Some of the projects involve gardening, painting the bathroom, taking down some trees that were dying, putting in a fence and making the kitchen work like a charm.
Herb Garden
This week we took an old bookshelf, painted it a bright, clean white and added some legs to get it up and over the hot water heat element (did I mention this house is around 100 years old?).  We then put some shelves my husband made quite a few years ago above it and voila!  A great place to keep my cookbooks!
How the bookshelf began, but imagine it scuffed up and dirty!

Bookshelf and shelves attached to wall with my favorite kitchen art by Charlottesville artist Pam Black

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are happy in your new home, really like your bright bookshelf. :) Ruth