Spring Surprise

We have had many rainy, gloomy days and this morning was no exception.  As soon as I get up I open up all the curtains and blinds in the house to let as much light in as possible.  This morning when I opened up the curtains I saw a strange object in the lawn...I thought, no, it couldn't be.  I looked from another window thinking what I saw was a misshapen leaf, but no, it didn't really look like a leaf.  I put on my rubber rain shoes and headed out to the front yard and sure enough a very large morel mushroom!  Morel mushrooms are the bounty of the heavy spring rains!  They are very distinct looking with a wrinkly cap and a hollow stem.  There was just one, but I'm hoping more spring up throughout the day.  Even if there is only one it will be sauteed in butter and served alongside dinner where I will savor it...and share what I have with John.


Yvonne said...

Wow, those are gorgeoud and to have them right there. Hope you get more. I know they taste good. I love them, although have only had them a few times.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Yum! I haven't been lucky enough to find these for years. Hope you are able to find more!

k.somerville said...

Hope the rainy days have now gone away. Interesting mushrooms. I love them but it kind of freaks me out how quickly they spring up and grow.