Yarn Bombing

Covering the Tree

In addition to the gallery show Common Threads, there was also a community yarn bombing.  Folks knitted and crocheted pieces with their own or donated yarn and brought them to the gallery.  On a beautiful, sunny Saturday a group of volunteers gathered to sew the pieces together and wrap the tree.  Well, I say tree but there were so many donations several trees got decorated as well as a scooter, the bike rack, the gallery sign and a piece of driftwood.  Someone was even inspired to yarn bomb their car!

It all made for a colorful entry to the gallery and created lots of interest.  In fact some folks were walking by and joined in to help and spent quite a lot of time working on it.  A nice community effort!

Bike Rack


Toni's Yarn Bombed Car

Vince working on the sign


Yvonne said...

LOL I've never seen anything quite like that.

Anonymous said...

This was a fantastic community project. There were so many participants and so much interest continues. Every day people are slowly driving by or coming with their cameras to take pictures. There is even a yarn goddess created to watch over the colorful addition to the exterior gallery and park area. Thanks everyone for bringing your pieces - have you found where yours ended up?

Anonymous said...

It looked like so much fun!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I have never heard of a yarn bombing, how fun and creative!! There's a little ole bare tree in my yard that would look so cute like that! Take care. I also enjoyed your mushroom story!