New and Interesting Things

I have found lately that I haven't been reading blogs and that has made me a very dull person it seems! Although didn't know that until this morning when I decided I needed to take some time out and see what some of my favorite blog friends were up to. I discovered this great free hat pattern at The Purl Bee, B. at Dog in the Hole Studio wrote about making pockets to put beside each plate at Christmas dinner. Inside each pocket would be questions to be answered either by the person with the pocket or they could ask another person at the table the question. One of the questions was fun...if you didn't have any bones in your body to break what activities would you do without fear? I also caught up on holiday doings and the end of Every Inchie Monday, which I only participated in part of the time. I still love looking at my little inchies and maybe I will make some more to join the twenty or so I already have. So, next time I feel I don't have the time to read blogs I hope I remember how energized and inspired I feel by all of your creativity. I waste time in so many ways...reading blogs is not one of them!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I also learn so much from our dear friends blogs...the pocket question is simply wonderful for all of us to adopt. Blessings to you also. Mary Helen

Yvonne said...

I agree. Every once in awhile I get unplugged and then I go back and seem to enjoy reading and catching up even more. Lots of inspiration out there. I do enjoy it.