Early Winter

Two days ago the weather forcast called for snow in the western part of the state and I was so happy to see my area was not in the colored boxes on the weather map. Unfortunately the front moved and today we are getting our first snowfall, and it is a doozy. No little skimpy snow to get used to the next season, no sireee. We have the stuff just pouring from the sky.

One thing about snow, it seems to turn the air calm and quiet and a of peace settles in. It makes you want to snuggle in your fluffiest sweater, make some hot chocolate and settle in with a good book. Here are some images taken from my driveway.


thecatalanway said...

lovely pictures- I'm glad it isn't snowing here yet as I still have a long van journey back to Spain to make! K x

ringadal said...

Glad to say it is not snowing here today, the weather is lovely. However, we did get our first snowfall before Halloween. It was thick and slushy. We got about 1/2 - 1" but over the mountain they got 5-6 inches. The fields were so slick, I had to sit on my heels and slide down the hill to bring the horses in, who of course were freezing and quite upset they were out in the slushy mess!

Enjoy a hot chocolate and some good soup!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

It is so lovely from inside the house looking out...I know our weather is about to change drastically and I am a little hesitant about how my little car will hold up. Your images are beautiful. Peace, Mary Helen


Hello Susan, Doesn't the first snow fall looks lovely!! Thanks for sharing these great pics. Hugs Judy