Earlier this week I received the door prizes that I won during the amazing One World One Heart blog hop. I was a lucky winner of not one, but three of the door prizes! I want to share with you the talents of these creative women. First, Jeanette of Handmade sent this colorful envelope containing a hand embroidered heart which came all the way from Sweden. We discovered in our conversation that several years ago I had traveled to her town, thousands and thousands of miles from where I live!

Wanda of Needlewings sent me this beautiful charm with my initial on it. It is on a satin cord that is cleverly tied to allow you to adjust the length of the of the necklace. I wear a lot of black and red, so it is perfect!
Lastly, Wendy of Dragonfly Dreams sent me a bookmark and collage tag. There is so much attention to detail in her work, it is truly wonderful. Since I read constantly the book mark will come in handy!

As I was getting ready to write this post I popped over to each of their blogs to make sure I had the right addresses for linking them and I was blown away that each of them had great posts I want to go back and read. Jeanette wrote about making paper mache teacups and a link to one of her favorite artists for inspiration. Wanda has some amazing art dolls that are made with lots of gears and circuitry, very cool! Wendy has several posts about some necklaces she is making with the theme of birds and birdhouses. Frankly, I am coveting them! Head over to their blogs and see what they are up to.


Sherry said...

Congratulations on your fabulous prizes!


You got lots of wonderful things. I am so glad you enjoyed mine:)

Yvonne said...

Great winnings Susan. I will check out their blogs. Thanks.

Jo said...

Oh, my dear friend, it has indeed been an incredible flying adventure, with so much to inspire and like-minded souls to meet. And these delightful treasures are truly beautiful! I feel certain that they will continue to give you much joy as your embroidered gift has done for me.
Hugs xxx

Kristin said...

Congratulations on your winnings! I remember that first one - that's awesome.
Thank you for your sweet comment today - it was so nice to hear ;) Have a great weekend, Kristin xo