Once again it is Every Inchie Monday and the word of the week is cosmic. I looked up the word and found it has several meanings, this is the one I wanted to work with:

adj of or related to the cosmos, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the earth alone

I had some black felt with glitter embedded in it which gave it a lot of depth. Once again I cut a piece larger than one inch and stitched some metallic thread in a circular motion to give it a sort of endless feel. I trimmed it down and then topped it off with a star bead. To see more of this weeks inchies go here.

On another note, I have been the winner of several great door prizes from One World One Heart! How exciting that is! When I recieve them I'll give you a peek at what has come my way.

I went up to northern Wisconsin this past weekend with my husband and have some fun pictures of the wintery outdoors, I'll post them later in the week. Now, I have to take my dog for a walk in the continuously falling snow and get some nice hot soup simmering for dinner.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your door prizes, Susan! So exciting! Can't wait to see pics. Love your Cosmic Inchie! Thank you for your kind words today too. Hugs! --Sandy

Lululiz said...

I love the spiral galaxy you created with the metallic thread, its awesome!

Deborah said...

You've captured the idea perfectly! Congratulations on your prizes!

Joanne Huffman said...

You've captured the vastness of the universe on your tiny canvas - great cosmic inchie.

Kris said...

Great inchie. Perfectly says cosmic...that spiral has a big effect.
And you did that all in an inch!