Collage Cards

A friend and I got together last week for an art play day. I find I need a friend to do this with because I forget about the play aspect of art. I have so many projects to work on that I go to them instead of experimentation. So, I packed up a few bags full of fabric, found paper objects, beads, buttons, thread and whatever struck my fancy, some muffins to start the day, soup for lunch and a movie to have on in the background. My friend supplied coffee, a great salad, some wine (how decadent to have wine for lunch!) a good space to work in and a plateful of cookies and goodies! The results for me were these collage cards that I am going to put in my local stationary shop, Paper Doll.


Yvonne said...

Love all of these. Very creative work.

Unknown said...

Susan, I not only LOVE this work, but your play date totally inspires me! Just packing up your goodies, supplies, yummy foods for the day and a movie in the background--perfect! I have my whole basket full of tags I've been saving and I can't wait to get together with a friend, who is from Oklahoma and has her own scrapbooking business, and we are going to make magic with those saved and found items!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds like a really fun play date and great results too!

thecatalanway said...

Lovely photos of beautiful things, great idea to play with a friend...and you should come to Spain - we always have wine for lunch! It's a daily decadence but totally normal and actually weird if you don't!

All best