New Work

This is the newest-old piece I have been working on. The four large panels were made several years ago and I didn't know exactly what to do with them. I had them pinned together to form a sort of pyramid that stood (kind of) and I was thinking they might make a sculpture or doll skirt. When I came upon them a few weeks ago I wanted to reconfigure the pieces so you could see them all at once. I took them apart and instantly was filled with ideas of where to take them. I made a central piece that echoes the stars and points on the bigger pieces. I seem to always incorporate leaf images so made the skinny strips with leaves. I'm now working on smaller pointed pieces to go between the long and large pieces. They will have birds and shisha mirrors. All of this is hand stitched which I realize is a bit insane...but there it is. This is a piece about personal symbolism, birds, leaves, hands, spirals hearts and eyes often show up in my work and have meaning for me. So, now I have to go and thread a needle and get some more stitching done!


Deborah said...

I love the way this is progressing! Looking forward to seeing the addition of the birds and mirrors,

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes - so far it's great! I'm liking the colours and the symbolism.

ringadal said...

Beautiful piece, I don't find all the hand stitching crazy. I have decided that most of my art is about the process. Okay, since I haven't sold anything it is all about the process and my personal journey. Okay, maybe if I just keep telling myself this I will be lieve it? : ) No really, I love the hand stitching and find it very zen to sit and stitch. I will look forward to seeing what this piece brings.

Glad to see you working again,

farmlady said...

Oh my gosh! This is beautiful.... The colors and the shape of it. I'm so impressed with artists who can put fabric together like this.
Creation of art is such a personal thing. I learn more about you from the art that you create.