Home Canning Help

I have been quite busy this August with friends and relatives visiting and a couple trips to see my parents. While I was socializing and traveling it seems the tomatoes and zucchini kept right on growing and ripening. I found myself with a counter full of them this morning. It is really too hot to make the tomato sauce I have planned for them because our house doesn't have A/C, so I'll be doing that tomorrow morning when it is cooler.

While I was visiting my family I snagged my brother's dehydrator for a couple weeks and am also planning on drying the herbs that are abundant in my garden. I took it without any instructions so went to the internet and found this site that you might be interested in, The National Center for Home Food Preservation. You will find directions for safely canning, freezing, dehydrating, salting and pickling food. I love to can but if it isn't done correctly you really can have unsafe food, so check out this site and happy preserving!


Yvonne said...

Thanks for the link. It will be a good supplement to the book I have, which is getting quite old now. I still do some preserving, but not like I used to. Our garden is much smaller than when we had the kids at home.

farmlady said...

Thank you for the link. I'm trying to learn more about "putting food by" and the internet has a lot of information.
Better safe than sorry.