Link Love

I've been doing a little blog-surfing lately and found some great blogs I thought I would share. I've added the links in this post, but also on the side column for future reference. Enjoy!
Sara Lechler's blog is divided into three sections, art, fairies and art dolls and woollen creations.
Sally Mavor, one of my favorite artist is the author of Felt Wee Folk and many children's book featuring her fabulous textile art.
Feeling Stitchy is filled with great embroidery ideas, tutorials and work
Embroidery as Art is Jenny Hart's blog. Jenny is the woman behind Sublime Stitching so you'll find great stuff with an edge here.
Elsa Mora has some amazing paper cutting (her banner alone is worth the look), art dolls and illustrations.
Doll, the Art and Craft of Mimi Kirchner is just what the title suggests. Mimi has a great sense of humor.
And lastly, Contemporary Embroidery focuses a lot on crazy quilt pieces filled with beautiful embroidery. The image at the top of this post is from this blog.

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Karen said...

thankyou so much for these great words about my work, I really appreciate it, Karen