Pastoral Wisdom

At last!!! After about five years of working on this piece off and on (mostly off as you have probably guessed) I have finished it. She is called Pastoral Wisdom. I will say no more, just let you have a look at a few views.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I adore that wee owl!! Of course I have a 'thing' for owls, so it stands to reason that it would catch my eye. The whole doll is lovely!

Jan Russell said...

Way to go Susan! So exciting that you are back in the studio bringing forth wonderful things.
I especially love the owl and the detail on the skirt.

ringadal said...

I love this doll, she is beautiful. So glad you are working and inspired again.
I am taking a design class at PVCC. Should prove interesting if nothing else.

Sue Schwarz said...

Lovely doll. I admire your talent and work. Thanks for sharing

Yvonne said...

Beautiful work Susan. I love it! Love the name too.