Musings on Moving

We are finally in Wisconsin and settled a bit. Time to get back to blogging. We are staying temporarily in Menomonie, my hometown, which I have been away from for almost 30 years. Some things are the same yet it has changed drastically. The neighborhoods are still tidy and picture perfect and the downtown is struggling to make a go of it.

I did find a quilt shop, which has been open for about eight months called Stitch and Rip. The owner, Saundra, is very nice. I took my dolls and embroideries to show her today and she asked if she could display them, so they are happily watching over the place. Turns out she lives just up the street from my parents.

After having been in Virginia for so long it will be interesting to see how location will affect my work. I did an etsy search one day a few month ago of Wisconsin and Minnesota artists and found myself liking so many more things than normal. I realized I have a midwestern aesthetic (at least that was my conclusion), so I wonder what the differences will be in the reaction to my work. Time will tell and I am excited to get on with it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne. Get us a pic of your dolls and such at the shop.

Gail V

Threads of Inspiration said...

Hi Gail, Susan here...you were looking at my blog thinking it was Jeanne's! I'll get a pic and upload it ASAP.

pagooch said...

Aha! So you've made the move. Back to being an ernest midwesterner.

We'll miss you in the Rockfish Valley

Pat G.